-Mark (thelastsignal)

Eclectic taste with an inclination towards hip-hop, post rock, ambient, and metal. I’ve been writing reviews for three years over several different sites, combining my love for writing with discovering new music and refining my taste over time. I wanted to create a site that went above and beyond the by-the-book  method of music reviews, because music has never been more alive than it is now.

Recommended Artists: Eluvium, Odd Nosdam, Joyce Manor, cLOUDDEAD, and Flatbush Zombies

-Joel (KingTough)

I enjoy a wide range of music with an affinity for the punk, hardcore, metal and garage rock scenes. It has been a few years since I have written reviews, but it feels great to be back. Interests outside of music include movies, literature, and picking up heavy things.

Recommended Artists: Latterman, Nails, and Japanther

-David (turbosatan)

I like hip hop. I like experimental shit. I like anything that’s risky and has some soul behind it. I also prefer pie over cake.

Favorite artist: Del tha Funky Homosapien and David Bowie combined into a Mecha Shiva.

-Andy (folkmetaphysics)

I grew up on punk/ska in high school and moved on to pretty much everything under the sun with age. I frequent other review sites but this is my first time trying my own hand at writing about music.

Recommended Artists: Flying Lotus, Melt-Banana, and Das Racist

-Richie (rgreen0625)

Raised on the soulful voice of Garth Brooks with some random 90’s music mixed in. I enjoy a large range of music. Country & hip-hop are my two favorites. Not a normal collabo of genres, but if it worked for Nelly, it can work for me too (without the face band-aid). I’m fairly new to writing reviews, so I’m excited to start this creative journey & see where it leads.

Recommended Artists: Jason Aldean, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Justin Timberlake


From my teenage years to my mid 20s, I thought I was going to be stuck in a rut of pop punk, post-hardcore, and alternative rock, but then, one fateful day, I discovered internet radio and a user-based music website, and, hot damn, did things pick up from there. Now, I am confident I can at least find something to like in just about any genre (except for maybe crunkcore; that just ain’t right).  From jazz to blues, and even some hip hop and country (not together, mind you), which are two genres I never thought I would find something I’d be willing to pay for, I feel like I have an impressive range of styles in my musical palette, but I am sure I have just scratched the surface on many of these. I look forward to what music I will find in the future, and where my journey will go from here.

Recommended Artists: Jizue, Cloudkicker


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