Artist to Watch: Icarus the Owl

Icarus band pic

Ever heard of a band labeled as a technically proficient progressive pop punk band with math rock tendencies? Yeah, me neither. That’s why I believe Icarus the Owl has something truly special going on with merely three albums under their belt. Releasing their self titled 3rd album off of a recently successful Kickstarter this last Friday (Feb 7th), Icarus just keeps expanding and improving upon their sound.

Icarus the Owl consists of 4 insanely talented musicians. While the band is very proficient on all their respected instruments, they aren’t technical for the sake of being technical; they are plenty capable of writing damn good music. The only minor complaint that I could say that I have, and the more common thing people tend to say when first hearing them, is that the vocals can be an acquired taste. The singing definitely isn’t bad by any means, Joey can soar from his middle to high register, but there is just something about his voice that can be a little off-putting on the occasion. If anything, he is just getting better with time. Icarus the Owl continue to try new things while still refining their sound, and while their particular brand of music might not ever get a mainstream success, I feel they deserve to be heard. Check ’em out:

And if you want to find out more about them and maybe buy some stuff (their music is also available at pretty much anywhere that sells digital downloads), have a look-see here: