Ty Segall – Manipulator

When I first heard the term “Flower Punk”, my brain kind of exploded. Not only had I never heard of anything similar to that term before, but I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to. Being a fan of garage rock/punk, I liked many of Ty Segall’s previous works, particularly Reverse Shark Attack and one of his few recordings with a full band entitled Slaughterhouse. I knew that he had since expanded his genre list even more on his more recent records and covered what seemed to be a slightly different genre for each release. All were good, but not necessarily my cup of tea. So when I heard about his first double vinyl release which took the longest amount of time out of any of his albums yet to create (about 14 weeks), I was naturally curious. I had to check it out.

Manipulator is the most well rounded album that Ty Segall has released. He has managed to infuse all of his previous sounds in to one cohesive sonic emission, the likes of which are stunning. The tracks on Manipulator are an impressive amalgam of power pop, 70’s psych rock, and garage rock with considerably less (but still prevalent), punk and noise influences. The psych rock influence is far from subtle but isn’t quite enough to make the album annoying (although it does come close at times). The album also is pretty synth-heavy and super groovy throughout (Not a bad 70’s joke folks; every song is a toe-tapper or a foot-stomper).

The mid to slow tempo songs that make up this album are very well produced, straying from the lo-fi sound that Segall championed in many of his early releases. Segall also managed to track the whole album by himself, with the exception of track 6, entitled “The Faker.” Considering the comparatively polished sound of this record, mixed with the fact that Segall is the sole performer as well as the catchiness and technical prowess which abounds throughout the entire album, Manipulator is quite a feat. I strongly recommend picking this album up if you are a fan of any of the aforementioned musical genres or even if you are just in the mood for something original and creative. You can pick it up through Drag City Records, or ITunes if you’re lazy.

Score: 4.25/5

Track List

1.”Manipulator” 3:10
2.”Tall Man Skinny Lady” 4:03
3.”The Singer” 4:16
4.”It’s Over” 3:01
5.”Feel” 4:17
6.”The Faker” 4:09
7.”The Clock” 2:53
8.”Green Belly” 2:33
9.”The Connection Man” 2:19
10.”Mister Main” 2:48
11.”The Hand” 4:45
12.”Susie Thumb” 2:30
13.”Don’t You Want To Know? (Sue)” 2:36
14.”The Crawler” 2:25
15.”Who’s Producing You?” 2:55
16.”The Feels” 3:09
17.”Stick Around” 4:34


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