Artists to Watch: Nomads


Nomads are a hardcore-punk band from Los Angeles California, featuring ex members of Furious Styles, ACxDC and Sleepwalkers. They produce a raw and abrasive type of crust inspired d-beat/hardcore-punk that will make you want to kick the living shit out of something. The fast angry street punk sound infused with breakneck guitar solos, keeps the music interesting throughout their as of yet small discography. Lyrically, the band deals with experiences brought on by former drug abuse as well as distrust and blatant hatred for the L.A. police force. The equation this band has written yields a sum, which emits an aura of danger to it that had me hooked from the very beginning.

The ferocity of this bands sound should probably come as no surprise, considering that Nomads is the union of powerviolence and New York style hardcore. This equation is not entirely unique in the hardcore punk and metal scenes as of late, but Nomads has found a way to derive a sound from it all their own. You can check out their upcoming self released and self titled EP via the link at the bottom of the article as well as streams of their split 7” with Treacherous Kin and their demo.


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