DEAD INSIDE-Millions Dead EP

dead inside

First off, let me be clear about Millions Dead; this is not for the faint of heart. If you enjoy some melody with your aggression, you should probably pop your Emery album back in your car stereo. If the gore on the delightfully malevolent cover (akin to Aborted or General Surgery) is any initial indication, Dead Inside want to give you as violent of a soundtrack as possible, as punishing beatdowns are aplenty here. Incredibly, the guitar is tuned to Drop E, which only makes the affair heavier and more intense. Vocalist Daniel performs admirably on this EP, not only showing a strong range but also giving the listener some incredibly sick and misanthropic lyrics. Truth be told, if Millions Dead seems over-the-top, then you probably aren’t getting the right idea; Dead Inside have intentionally crafted some of the most enjoyable deathcore that I have heard in quite some time, and it is intentionally visceral. The horrific imagery in the lyrics, the slowed down breakdowns, and the beneath-the-depths-of-hell vocals are to create an image of total and complete despondency.

The production on this is truly incredible, especially for a band that is still making a name for itself. The crunch of the guitar and the crashing cymbals echo cleanly while still giving the appropriate amount of grit. Standout track “Severing the Filthy Head From Neck” exemplifies this the best; as the crushingly heavy track hits hard, everything drops out for one of the only respites of melody on Millions Dead. Guitarist Jack Boaden plays a haunting and ominous guitar line as the ending beatdown leaves the listeners bloodied to a pulp and begging for more. As Dead Inside continue to build their sound, one can hope the more moments like this happen on future recordings, as the unique intricacies of Dead Inside’s music reveal themselves with multiple listens. The beginning syncopated drumbeat in “Deicide” is immediately engaging and invigorating, and the line, “If there is a god, he will have to beg for my forgiveness!” is deliciously irreverent. The inclusion of some small movie sound-bytes recall some nostalgic loves of mine (old Through the Eyes of the Dead and Killwhitneydead, anyone?), but also doesn’t detract from the music present on the EP.

Though it is firmly entrenched in the beatdown genre, Millions Dead is impressively heavy and monolithic. There is not much crossover appeal for fans of other extreme metal, who potentially could find the slower, heavier passages arduous. However, there is no doubt that these songs will translate very well in a live setting, and the production quality just propels the release even further. There are a few missteps here and there (“For Every Infant A Body Bag” was unfortunately everything you’ve ever expected out of an intro track, despite the promising name), but overall there is stunning consistency and not a bad track to be found. If you find beatdown music to be your bag, there is not much out there that will be as fun of a listen as this release. Well, what are you waiting for? Grab Millions Dead and “swing like your girlfriend’s pregnant!”.

Rating: 3.8/5

Purchase and stream Millions Dead here.


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