Hip Hop Classics: “Ironman” Ghostface Killah

Circa 1996 Ghostface drops his first solo album and holy god damn. 
Even though the mood of the album can change at any moment, every 
track on Ironman kills it, so listen to it already. 
I could end this review right there.

But I won't. 

Though technically a solo album "Ironman" features many of Ghostface' Wu Tang colleagues, most predominantly Raekwon and Cappadonna.
The RZA on production keeps the samples and beats flowing throughout, drawing influence and sounbytes from blaxploitation films and 60's soul music. RZA is definitely the ringer on this album, check out some of the instrumentals for these songs. Spoiler alert; they are sick as hell.

Raekwon kicks off the album on "Iron Maiden" setting the tone for the rest of the album, mostly fast paced and always on point. GFK has a knack for channeling his anger and aggression into sick verses, but 'Ironman' features some tracks that show a more introspective and thoughtful approach as well, especially on 'All That I Got Is You' and 'Motherless Child' 

GFK's lyrical prowess has always been top notch, even in his first 
solo attempt it's obvious, dude was always bound for big shit in the future. The flow is so fast it would cause lesser emcee's to fold, but GFK always keeps it tight and effortless. 
Check out his bars on 'Camay' for an example, voice like butter son.

I could keep going on and on about this record, about how fucking talented every single person featured on it is, how GFK obliterated any doubts people had about him as a solo artist. But the fact is this, if you enjoy hip-hop and you haven't given 'Ironman' a chance yet, then time to stop sleeping.

TS Top Tracks:

'Iron Maiden'
'Winter Warz'
'The Soul Controller'

'Motherless Child' Video



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