Artist To Watch: New Cathedral

It’s safe to say that ethereal vocals and the hard crunch of guitars are a winning combination in rock music; that truth doesn’t hold any less water with Floridian band New Cathedral. These four musicians would like to introduce you to their interesting yet familiar combination of pensive indie rock and gruff alternative rock. One look at the album art for their upcoming release Ghost and even their 2012 release Haunted would make it easy to see that this band has an inclination to dive deeper than the average rock band, and their music is all the better for it. Favoring uptempo and soaring vocals for the most part, they know when to scale it back in order to create mood and an emotional payoff for the listeners. The build-up for their song “Interlude” off of their 2012 release Haunted shows discipline and has an almost cinematic feel to it, as it hearkens back to a time when music wasn’t about fitting a few hundred notes into every thirty seconds of a song. It is simply soulful, catchy rock that begs to be heard.

Luckily, everyone is in for a treat from New Cathedral in the form of a streaming single called “Stealing Mirrors” from their EP Ghost, slated to be physically released on March 6th of this year. I know what you’re wondering, and it’s true; New Cathedral wants to be our Valentine as well, choosing to release it for early purchase on all of the major digital retailers on February 14th. While you’re blushing, head over to their bandcamp to preorder Ghost and have a listen to the catchy and polished “Stealing Mirrors”; you will also find their excellent EP Haunted up there as a free download. Follow the link, you certainly won’t be sorry.




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